The Four Seasons of the Year



Download the Seasons
Colouring books

Download the Seasons
Colouring books


The Four Seasons Colouring Book as Shown Below
The Four

Four Individual 'New' Seasonal Colouring Books
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Many countries of the world
have four seasons

Spring Summer Autumn and Winter

I live in the United Kingdom where our most familiar memories of the four seasons are the Spring flowers, Summer warmth, Autumn leaves, and Winter snow. Then of course we all remember the long cold and dark nights in the winter and then the long warm days of summer with spring and autumn in between.

These are the main differences between the seasons.


As the winter snow turns to rain and the days get longer, the farmers plant their fields. Animals like the hedgehog wake up from their long winter sleep. New flowers and the buds on the trees burst into life. Insects abound carrying pollen from flower to flower. Lots of baby animals such as lambs and calf's are born. The birds build their nests and lay their eggs. It's the busiest season of the year.



The days are much longer and the weather much warmer. The eggs the birds laid hatch out and the young feed on the insects attracted by the carpet of new flowers. Occasionally the skies darken and we have a thunderstorm and sometimes we get very little rain which can also be a problem. As the suns rays are very strong, we have to be careful but most of us enjoy family holidays during the warm summer months.



The farmers harvest their crops and we enjoy a wonderful choice of fruit and vegetables. The leaves on the trees change from summer green to many wonderful shades of autumn brown. We must not forget to collect the seeds to plant out in spring next year. The wind blows stronger with a really cold chill and winter is on it's way.



The days are short and nights are long. The skies are grey with occasional sun. The plants and flowers have gone to sleep until spring comes round once again. One thing we must not forget, the birds need food and drink which we can get.

Now, do you know what an Equinox is?

There are just two days in a whole year where we have exactly twelve hours day and twelve hours of night. These are called Equinoxes which means equal day and night and are on round about March 21st and September 23rd.
Do you know what an solstice is?

Well there is just one day in a whole year where it is very dark and cold. It is the shortest day of the year with the longest night. This is called the winter solstice and is on December 21st.

There is also just one day in a whole year where it is very light and we have the longest day of the year with the shortest night. This is called the summer solstice and is on June 21st.




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