The Number Puzzle' Game

Arrange the Slides

  1. Choose a Level (3 to 10). I suggest 3 to Start
  2. The game board has blocks with numbers in it. Also there is a single "hole" that is used for moving the blocks.
  3. The objective of the game is to arrange the blocks in number order using the "hole" for temporary movement.
  4. Press the "Start Game" button. The timer is then started.
  5. A block can be moved only if it is in the same row or column as the "hole". Just click on the number of the block you want to move.
  6. You can move multiple blocks (in the same row or column as the "hole") by clicking the farthest block that you need to be moved.

    Sort all the numbers in the correct order in the shortest time possible with a minimum number of moves...

Choose Level:

Choose Level 3 First
and See How Far You Can Go!





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